Cyro Katana

Cryo Katana are ice elementals of the Hyperfuries.


Unstoppable as a glacier, swift as an avalanche, these guys are stone cold masters of attack. Will work as mercenaries for anyone who will pay them their bounty of choice: the rare and perfect diamonds known as Dragon's Tears. Fools who come between them and a target soon find themselves in a deep freeze.



Another form of a Cryo Katana, which is more common.

  • Ice Blade
  • Ice Talons
  • Ice Wheel Blades
  • Ice Blast from their mouth.
  • Ice Cog on their back, which can charge their attacks.


  • It was going to be the blue virson of Inferno Fury but it never came out and ended up being this set.
  • This set has a snowman head.