Grim Skull

Grim Skull are fiery skeletons of the Unnatural.


Dark sub-group of the Skull Jack tribe. Betrayed by their brethern in a bitter double-cross and scorched by the fire of an endless quest for vengeance, these humorless hotheads roam the world in search of all have betrayed them.

Special Ability

Dispite being black skeletons, Grim Skulls being called "the fiery skeletons" for a reason: ever since they defeated a Hyperfuries warrior in a legendary war, they acquired fire weaponry and ability, which can be release from their body and make them stronger.

Grim Skull Fiery Form

A Grim Skull in its fiery form.


In normal form:

  • Grim Blade
  • Grim Hook
  • Grim Hammer
  • Grim Tentacle
  • Eyes that shoot blast of fear
  • Grim Shotguns

In fiery form:

  • Fiery Blade
  • Fiery Spear
  • Fiery Eye


  • While in their fiery form, Grim Skull looks similar to Tomb Wraith.