Hemo Goblin

Hemo Goblin are vampires of the Unnatural.


Blood-thirsty warlords credited with leading hordes of half-crazed monstrosities across the blasted plains of Nyr in ancient times. Fearing only Death, this ruthless clan forfeited its humality long ago to adopt vampiric practices that allow them to live for centuries on end.

Special Ability

  • Fly
  • Suck blood to be more powerful.
  • Instant Healing
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Fast speed when sprinting.


  • Their claws
  • Vampiric Lance
  • Their Fangs, for sucking blood.


  • A Hemo Goblin was featured on the Legacy of Zevoz comic cover. Though his skin was green instead of white like the set do.

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