Bring Back Xevoz

Save Xevoz

Invader Zim lovers bombarded Nickelodeon with thousands of fans writing in letters all at once - we could do something like that - although I'm not sure how many people are loyal world wide. Xevoz was a failure, and Hasbro has not forgotten that. Companies are hesitant to reboot something, even if there is high demand for it. It's possible Hasbro could try to reboot it someday, but probably not because we wanted it to be rebooted - because it would make sense to release it at a certain point in time, say, if materials to make the toys price goes way down, for example, but even then I'm sad to say they'd have to be desperate to do that. Invader Zim, like I mentioned earlier, was not even rebooted, even though thousands sent in letters, and many petitions have been signed. At this point, they're just really, really cool toys, gaining slight popularity every 4 years or so, not really getting anywhere. They are now considered a collector's item, and the prices have gone way up, which would mean they'd probably lose value if sold again. I (and everybody else who loves Xevoz) will our fingers crossed, but I don't think it will happen any time soon. (Remember I said "anytime soon", they could be rebooted later.) I just hope it'll happen someday ;)

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