Sky Grinder

Sky Grinder are extreme athletes of the Neo Sapiens.


Leaders of an underground movement of teens known to devote all walking hours to the pursuit of the perfect board-building, modifyig, and competing on ultra-speed jet and hover vehicles. Highly skilled and outrageously daring, they live by their own code of honor, protecting their turf against rival crews.


  • Jet Board, which can let them surf in air.
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Hi-Tech Roller Skates
  • Twin Blades attached to a Rope
  • Backpack for storage
  • Backpack Afterburner, which can boost their moving speed or equip on the Jet Board for additional firepower.

A Sky Grinder in battle.


  • This set has a jester head.
  • A Sky Grinder was featured in the Legacy of Xevoz comic.